Daphna Margolin / Biographical Notes
Born in Kibbutz Tel Yosef, IsraelShe established a private school for the study of environmental and sensorial art (1973); was awarded the prize of the International Vocation Fund for her activities in the field of environmental education (1979, at the Knesset); established Alma, an Israeli Organization for Environmental Awareness (1990); Won the first prize for best short film at the Tel Aviv Festival of Environmental Films, Tel Aviv Cinemateque (1993).

Over the years of artistic and educational endeavors, her works were exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide: "The Museum of Israeli Art" - Ramat-Gan Israel, The National Museum of Science "Matilda Recanati" Center - Haifa Israel, "Museum of Fine Arts" - Jerusalem, "Theater Israel", "Salon des Independants Grand Palais" - Paris France, "Tel-Aviv Museum of Art" - Israel, "Eretz Israel Museum", "Perugia & Gubbio" - Italy, "Janco Dada Museum" - Ein Hod Israel, "Congress - Johannesburg South Biennale" - Venice, "Kassel Documenta" - Germany, "Fusion Museum" - New-York.

In 2019 Daphna was elected as a member at the World Academy of Art and Science.


Group Exhibitions
1980 Herzliya Museum of Art, Israel
1986 Salon des Independants, Grand Palais, Paris
1992 “Art & Ecology”, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1993 “Illuminated Transparent Sculptures”, Kashtot Hayotzer, Jaffa, Israel
“Ecological Art”, Israel Convention Center, Tel Aviv
“Recycling”, Science Museum, Petah Tikvah, Israel
“Blue Square”, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv “MiniArtura”, Perugia &Gubbio, Italy
2002 “Urinal-Environment: Art for the pereservation of water and the environment”, The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center “Message in a Bottle”, Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Israel
2002 Givatayim Theatre - CD recycling installations
2002 Visual report for the Agenda 21
2002 International Congress - Johannesburg, South Africa
2003 Umm al-Fahm – "Lighting"
2004 “Message in a Bottle”, Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Israel
2007 'Solar tent' - Divine in tent - in the events of the Biennale - Venice
2007 'Solar tent' - Divine in tent - kassel Documenta, Germany
2008 "Light", Fusion Museum, New-York
2009 "Pot farm", Gallery "ecological farm", Holon, Israel
2009 "Culture Kiosk", Biennale – Venice

Future Exhibitions
Deutches Museum, Munich
Smithsonian Institution, Washington

Special Projects
Mural at the Culture Center Mabatho-Sun, South Africa
Mural at the entrance hall, YMCA Building, New York
"Hisonoa" - an Installation at "Teva Pharmaceutical Industries", Beit Shemesh, Israel


  1. The International Association of Art, "iaa-aiap"
  2. Impact - the union of plastic artists in Israel
  3. The Green Movement (Israel)
  4. Chairman of the "Alma" ecological awareness and involvement, Israel
  5. Eco-art – Israeli Forum for Ecological Art