Monthly Archives: November 2014

ALMA – For the ecologically concerned

Bracha and Ben Yanoov In the last ESRA Bulletin we promised to describe a new organization which is concern ned about lessening the violence with which we relate to our environment. Actually, the scope of ALMA (The Association for ecological Awareness and Involvement) is much broader than that. ALMA means world in Aramaic and soul…
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Painted by Daphna Margolin

To be painted by Daphna Margolin is to join an impressive list of word renowned celebrities. Her portraits are not only found in institutions and  enterprises, but adorn the reception halls of kings and presidents of nations. Her portrait of Anwar Sadat (as seen on the right) hangs in the President's Palace in Cairo, that…
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A Visible Testament to an Established Corporate History

Impressively framed portraits of corporate founders and presidents in board rooms and reception areas impart a sense of the firm's old established roots and respectability. They create an instinctive trust in the company's credentials An ambiance of corporate history instills employees with corporate pride. Many people abroad tend to think of Israel as very new…
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