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    In 2014 "The Adamaga museum was founded in order to explore the human sensory: The question "Where to?", has been on Margolin's mind for years. The permanent

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    Association for Environmental Awareness & Involvement ALMA is a non - governmental voluntary organization, which has been founded in May 1991, and has since grown to nearly 200

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    The Link Between Bio- and Technology ‘And the Lord formed man of the dust of the ground.’ Genesis II:7 is the name of one of the most enthralling

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    This sculpture was inspired by the large forest fire on the Carmel Mountain that nearly totally consumed the Yamin Ord Youth Village. Though it spread very fast,

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Leonardo on-line Daphna Margolin: Ada-Mah?.com

Reviewed by Jude James
Freelance artist-scholar
Ada-Mah?——What is man?——is the question asked in the title of the artist Daphna Margolin’s installation at the Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan in 2002. In particular, Margolin is concerned artistically, philosophically, and materially, with man in relationship to and with the environment.

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Special Projects


Permanent exhibition in Tnuva factory, Israel
In the age of industrialized agriculture, we are vaccinated in every circle of life to defend ourselves from diseases and harm that exist in the flora and fauna on our food chain.

Daphna and Sadat

Concern on Canvas
DAPHNA MARGOLIN has a couple of “firsts” to her credit.
She was the first private citizen from Israel to be invited to visit Egypt after pleasing President Anwar Sadat with a portrait of him at prayer. And she was the first person to make possible the exchange of pen-pal letters between Israeli and Egyptian children.

Israeli Knesset Award

The Goal: Quality of Life Education
Agronomist and educator Avraham Margolin imparted the love of nature, landscape, and the environment on Dafna, his daughter. She, in turn, has been using her artistic skills to express her reservation with environmental contamination, fruit pesticides, smoking, food coloring, and other negative phenomena that impair on the quality of life.