Monthly Archives: May 2009

Artistic Ecology: “Will Progress Eventually Ruin Us, or Not?”

Maariv/NRG Artist Dafna Margolin lives on an imaginary axis with environment protection on one end and technological development on the other. Her father was an agronomist and her mother was one of the first IBM programmers in Israel. The environment has centrally featured in her works for the past 30 years during which she has…
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Before Nature Avenges

Walla!, 11 May, 2009 by Eyal Datz Daphna Margolin is an environmental educator and ecological artist whose apocalyptic vision is presently more relevant than ever. A new exhibition of her works opens in Tel Aviv next week. "Ecology is such a broad issue that it impacts on everything." Daphna Margolin The interactions between ecology and…
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Eco-Calypsa – When Art and Ecology Conjoin

The Council for a Beautiful Israel will host a unique retrospective of ecological art EpochTimes By Marlen-Aviva Greenpeter Eco-Calypsa is the name given to a retrospective exhibition of works by Daphna Margolin, Israel's pioneering technological artist. The Council for a Beautiful Israel will launch it on 14 May and works will be on display through…
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