Mmabatho South Africa

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Mrs. Daphna Margolia
At the request of His Excellency the President and of the Government of Republic of Bophuthatswana, it gives me great pleasure in inviting you to attend the official Celebrations on the occasion of the Fifth Independence Anniversary of our country for 4 to 6 December 1982/

To mark these Celebrations, the new complex of Government Buildings will be inaugurated and Mmabatho proclaimed the capital of the Republic on Saturday, 4 December 1982.

Should you decide to do us the honor of accepting this invitation to be our official guest, and are in a position to advise us in good time, then we shall be pleased to make the necessary travel arrangements and reserve Hotel accommodation for you at our expense/ While you are sincerely welcome to attend other events, participation is left entirely to your own discretion. My Committee will of course be pleased to supply further information and all assistance we can.

I have to request you please to give us written advice regarding your acceptance or otherwise as soon as possible, but not later than 12 November 1982

Yours Faithfully


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