Knesset Award – Margolin

Agronomist and educator Avraham Margolin imparted the love of nature, landscape, and the environment on Dafna, his daughter. She, in turn, has been using her artistic skills to express her reservation with environmental contamination, fruit pesticides, smoking, food coloring, and other negative phenomena that impair on the quality of life.
An exhibition of her works on ecological damages at the Chemerinsky Gallery in Tel Aviv was well received by the public.
In Herzliya, her hometown, she organized a school curriculum on the quality of life - a first of its kind in Israel - through which students learn about landscaping, improving their vocal culture, and manners. Under her supervision, teams of youths conduct an extensive survey on the quality of life within city limits.
This award will allow her to create a master plan on the quality of life for schools nationwide.
Her initiative on the quality of life issue was welcome by Israeli authorities on the matter - Knesset Member Yosef Tamir and Dr. Uri Marinov.
Margolin was born in Israel, is 33, a mother of two daughters, and lives in Herzliya.