Winning the Environment Awareness Film Competition

Dozens of videotapes arrived at the offices of the Adam Teva v'Din Association (Man, Nature, and Justice - the Israel Union for Environmental Defense) to partake in the home videos competition on environmental issues, held in collaboration with this section. Contenders were asked to cinematographically document and portray environmental hazards.

The winning documentaries were screened and prizes were handed out in the Environmental Film Festival held in cinemateques nationwide last weekend.
The first prize was given to Ecollage, an ecological clip that encourages viewers to promote environmental issues. Director: Uriel Cornhandler; Producer: Daphna Margolin, director of the Art for Ecology Association.
The runner up was a documentary named The Dan District Cancer, which described the main hazards of the region - from air pollution to the Hiria dump site. Director: Avishay Kleinman. The third prize was handed out to Noah, an animated film that portrays an apocalyptic vision about air pollution. Director: 12 years old Barak Stav and Monika Tismonsky.
Nissim Dowek


"Ecollage describes aspects that relate to ecological diversity and our personal responsibility for the environment, for other humans, and for our locations."
Daphna Margolin