Painted by Daphna Margolin

To be painted by Daphna Margolin is to join an impressive list of word renowned celebrities. Her portraits are not only found in institutions and  enterprises, but adorn the reception halls of kings and presidents of nations.

Her portrait of Anwar Sadat (as seen on the right) hangs in the President's Palace in Cairo, that of Golda Meir is displayed in the Milwaukee Town Hall, her portrayal of Menahem Begin graces the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem, and that of Zubin Mehta enhances the office of the Israel Philharmonic.

Amongst many others, she has also painted:

Helmut Kohl - Kanzler of Germany
Baron Edmund de Rotshild
Dr. Lucas Mangope - President of Bophuthaswana
Prince Widkenstein of Germany

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