Daphna’s Concern

By Emily Bloch

"What on earth re we doing?"

(Time, January 2, 1989). This cry

Of blame, guilt and fear expresses accurately Daphna Margolin's concern for the future of our planet. The violation of the ecologyincal balance caused by the incredible technological developments are Margolin's main protest. She has found her private channels of expression – her art.

The invention of the X-rays and the computer intrigue Margolin who believes that these "have expanded not only the range of our senses but our vision of life".

"No artist" says Margolin "can remain aloof to these technological developments which have radically changed our perception of form, color and movement. My aim today is to show others the confrontation between our natural surroundings and the technological progress which has no limiteation and knows no consideration".

The techniques utilized by the artist consist of a synthesis between expressive picturesque forms and technological phenomena (computers, x-rays etc.). These are blended together into colorful paintings which depict the contemporary lifestyle of humanity.


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