Bringing Fine Art To Industry

Enhancing The Ecological Environment


Daphna Margolin, a graduate of the Tel Aviv High Academy of Art and the Teacher's Seminar of Art, is an internationally renowned artist acclaimed for her versatility, artistic mastery with the brush, and her exciting innovations of new art sytles. She is also noted for her unceasing activities in the field of environmental education, for which she was awarded the 1979 prize of the International Vocation Fund. In 1990 Daphna established ALMA the Association for Awareness and Involvement in Ecology and the Environment.

It is her passion for instilling ecological awareness that brought her to combine technology and nature in her art.

A Stunning Margolin Landscape
The Dynamics of Man and Technology

Intrigued by modern invention, from X-Ray to the computer, Daphna believes that these have expanded not only the range of our senses, but our vision of life. "No artist" she says "can remain aloof to these technological developments which have radically changed our perception of form, color and movement". Her Techniques are a synthesis between expressive picturesque forms and technological phenomena such as computers.
X-Rays, electrical cables, printed circuit boards, transformers, electronic software and fiber optics. These motifs are merged with photography and vibrant acrylic colors that are blended together into stunning landscapes that add a futuristic dimension to the subject matter, and depict the contemporary lifestyle of humanity, and the ever growing dependency of modern man on machines.

The Artist in her own environment

Energy and communication are driving forces in her work, and express the harmony that can exist between technology and nature. Daphna's recurring message is the need for renewed awareness of this interdependency.

Her aim is to encourage the industrial and "High-Tech" world to beautify its surroundings by incorporation of fine art. Once a beautiful and aesthetic environment has been created – a desire to care for it automatically arises, and those operating within it prefer that it remain unspoiled.

Rather than choosing art that has no particular relevance to the technology around it – this subject matter is completely appropriate, and is in itself a statement to the daily activities within the company where it is displayed.


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